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posted on November 8th, 2010 / by Marissa Star / 45 Comments

I’ll be the first to admit, I LOVE reality TV. I just want to know … will they lose the last 10 pounds? Will they take the intervention? I mean seriously, can they really dance? And when it’s all said and done, who will really be the next American Idol? I just have to know!!

There is something intriguing about following these “reality” people. I think there is something in each of us that can identify with another person’s story.  It’s as if at the heart of it we want to be the part of someone else’s journey, to hear their testimony, to see and be a part of their successes and failures. When we find a story that we can really identify with, it is hard to not have it impact our lives.

That is the power of our testimony; the stories God writes in our lives. Like the story of when we first met Him. Like the first time we actually trusted Him and He empowered us to overcome something huge in our lives.

I’ve always had a heart to see real stories told visually. So the rest of my article is a visual article I did with my husband in the form of a documentary we call Treasure. I hope you take a few minutes to watch it and hear what God is speaking to you and adding to your story. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this visual testimony.

Great Love,


45 Responses to “Treasure”

  1. Love it!!

  2. Oh Ris! This is beautiful!! I loved this and found it very moving and powerful! Love you!

  3. Very beautiful. In my personally struggles and life frustrations that I'm facing this lately, I totally needed the reminder that God is our Daddy. That He just wants us to climb up and let Him stroke our hair and tell us He loves us, to be our comforter. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Marissa. Beautifully given as a gift that pierces thru…..right to the heart of the truth about our Daddy's love both earthly and more importantly our Daddy God. Thank you;-)

  5. loved it! Beautiful and touching, has me all teary-eyed and thoughtful now. Really good stuff you guys. And your boys are so cute! Good job.

  6. Oh my sweet gracious. Absolutely beautiful…..THIS is reality. This is the story we need to be following. Thank you for your willingness to share your testimony with an authentic heart. So very precious, tender and wonderful. Thank you Marissa for your obedience…it's beautiful. Love, love!

  7. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I wish my children had the chance to meet my daddy too, but he was gone too soon. Your family its beautiful!!!!:))

  8. Marissa, you know I love your authenticity. Authenticity and transparency make the Gospel so attractive and appealing. Without the testimony, or the before and after, how is someone on the outside able to see the goodness of our Daddy? How can they possibly conceive the magnitude of His ability to miraculously transform His daughters? Thanks for being you, Ris. ~Renee

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this, Yuri and you did such a great job, God spoke to me through this and I am looking forward to sharing it with my husband. May God continue to bless you! Love Liz

  10. AMAZING!!! Brought me to tears!! I am so thankful that I am called His treasure!!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us!! Best reality show I have ever seen!!:)
    So proud of you!!
    Love you,

  11. Girl! You have no idea how that resonates with me….. I just looked up the definition to that word to make sure I was using it correctly…. "to be filled with a deep, full reverberating sound" ! The sound is the Father saying, "You are my treasure". Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

  12. what an egg….a golden one! ;) your obedience to the Father to live out your calling and run full speed towards him with arms wide open is evident in the birthing of this project. love you friend and as always so glad to be living life with you….you ARE a treasure.

  13. so SO beautiful.

  14. So amazing- I love the message and I love the talent evidenced in the vid!

  15. I'm a mess!! I wish this would've came with a 'get your tissue' disclaimer. Next Monday will be the anniversary of my Dad's passing. His smoking and lifestyle was to blame. I am thankful that he did get to meet my lil treasures, but dying at age 59 is way too early. It wasn't until he died that I realized how much it means to call God my Heavenly Father. Thanks for sharing Ris! Love you!!

  16. Marci … your comment really touched me! Yuri and I always aspire to honor and tell the ones who've made a difference in our lives just how much they mean to us and how our lives are a part of their reward! I love that this is what the Lord spoke to you through the video. I think I may have to tell some peeps just how much I love them today! And every father's day … I ask Jesus to tell my Daddy in heaven just how much I love him!

    Thanks for the comment and sharing your heart! Loves~Ris

  17. Really Really great.

  18. thank you Marissa for using the gift God has given you to communicate such intimate things in a practical way! This brought me to many, many tears. God is in the process of telling me who I am, now I just need to have the faith to believe it! love you.

  19. Absolutely beautiful…words are insufficient.

  20. That was great, Marissa! What a beautiful piece of art.

  21. Amazing….Thank you…I cried…Yeah…His love is amazing! Touched a deep place in my heart…Thank you Marissa….Thank You!

  22. Great job Ris! I have been SO blessed to have my earthly Daddy and heavenly One consistently remind me what a treasure I am. You did such a wonderful job of telling/showing "your" story and allowing God to touch everyone who watches it. Thank you!

  23. That was really good, Marissa! It wasn't as crazy as the "Real World" LOL! Yuri did such a good job!!! LOVE

  24. very cool! Great idea and execution

  25. Wow! I am very moved and touched by your video. My mom died at the age of 50 from lung cancer, and my dad a few months later at 55. It's because of Freedom Ministries that I can say at this very moment that I miss my mom and dad, and I am no longer mad at them. I am going through a season in my life right now where I do need to hop in Daddy's lap and just bawl and let me stroke my hair. I just need to do it, and you have encouraged me through your video that I should just do it. Thank you for your honest and real approach in sharing your stuff. You are an awesome woman of God who inspires me to come up higher. Thank you!

  26. Beautiful: the story, the method, your family, you! I pray this video's message will be spread like rapidfire. May it go into the furthest parts of the earth and reach hearts for God's glory! May it change lives and set the captives free! Thank you for sharing transparently, Marissa. Ya'll are awesome.

  27. So awesome!

  28. Thank you Marissa for your sweet and transparent heart.

  29. You are a treasure to me too!

  30. Beautiful, moving, inspiring…great job, Star family!!!

  31. Marissa,
    I am bawling as i just finished listening to this. My father was an alcoholic and smoker also and died when I was 22. He didn't have emphazema, but he shortened his life. He was 72 when he died and he also missed out on meeting my treasures. When he died, I cried so hard cuz he would never walk me down the aisle. I never experienced any addictions, but i did become a co-dependent of an addict and I have been freed from that and I cannot tell you how precious and intimate my relationship is with our Father as well. Thank you for sharing. You are a princess.

  32. Wow! Thanks, Marissa, for sharing your heart so personally. I needed the reminder that I am His treasure….no performance needed….already accepted!

  33. AHHHMAZING! So many tears! I loved, loved this! I could feel the love of Jesus through this … and the love of your daddy. Thank you so much for sharing this. It's just beautiful. I'm going to pass this onto my friends!!!!

    Love you!

  34. Jeanelle … so sorry about your Dad … I had many of the same feelings and am continually being healed by the Father's love! For the last year Gos has been calling me, "baby girl," I don't know why yet but those words are loving me and changing me while I receive such great love from above!

    Thanks for your comment and sharing your heart with me … it blesses me so much!

    Great Love! ~Ris

  35. Glad you posted this for more people to enjoy! Keep 'em coming. This is something I would even tune into. ;)
    love you!

  36. Loved it!

  37. loved it again! You should defiantly make more of these : )

  38. I love this video! I'm so grateful for your transparency, not only with where you've been, but with Who lovingly guides you today. The grace of God shines so brightly through you! I'm directing my readers to this story today!

    Peace and Joy, sister!

  39. That was just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  40. Wow Marissa!!!!! Words cannot begin to express – at least not my words! This is beautiful and relational and VERY WELL done! So cool that you and Yuri can be so creative together. God is really all over the things you two put your hands to!

    I love that I get to know you and see God in you on a regular basis.
    Thanks for sharing,

  41. Great job, Marissa. So glad that right now in the middle of my anguish, I can be lifted up into my heavenly Father's lab and hear him call me His treasure and know that He is taking care of all my treasures. He really is truly my Treasure.

  42. This was a beautiful reminder. Thank you.

  43. So beautiful!! What a great combination of yours and Yuri's gifts all rolled into one amazing video. Thanks for sharing more of your story with us so we can see Him better- this was precious!

  44. This was AMAZING!!!! Had me in tears, loved hearing the real-ness behind it and feeling your vulnerability…It just made it so much more REAL! I know your earthly father is looking dwn at you and so proud of you and all his amazing and beautiful grandboys. You really do have five amazing treasures there!

  45. So beautiful, your boys are precious and so are you!!