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May’s Top 5 by Jenna Day

May’s Top 5 by Jenna Day

posted on May 16th, 2011 / by Jenna Day / 10 Comments

1 | Feather Hair Extensions

My AMAZING hair dresser told me about these. These are dyed rooster feathers that can be washed, blow dried, curled and straightened. Does it get any cooler than that?! I love that this doesn’t damage my hair and it’s just a burst of fun color! It doesn’t matter what age you are, anyone can rock these!

2 | Peonies

There is just something about this flower. Maybe it’s because it was a must-have in my wedding. Having a vase of these, even if for a week really makes a house feel like a home (especially in an apartment!). It’s a great way to welcome spring and the warmth and color this time of year brings.

3 | White Eyelet Fabric

I’ve always been a sucker for white eyelet fabric. There is just a calming affect this fabric has on me. Maybe it’s all my childhood outfits and fun memories that came with those spring/summer days. This fabric can be found in stores like Anthropoligie (my guilty pleasure) all the way to Ross (my husband/Mr. Budget’s favorite).

4 | Blue Bell Neapolitan Ice Cream

What better way to welcome your taste-buds to the upcoming summer and heat than a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream?! Chocolate … vanilla … and strawberry for the kick! What a combination. This is one bowl of happy ice cream. :)

5 | Dry Shampoo

Ladies … if you have not tried this already, you are about to meet your new best friend. Dry Shampoo is for day two or day three of not washing your hair. Don’t say, “Gross!” You know you do it, and we have all heard that it’s not good to wash your hair EVERYDAY (but yes, you should shower everyday. please!). So here is the solution. Spray this at the roots of your hair where it starts to get greasy, and it will be good as new!

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Jenna Beth Day is a graphic designer with Church Media Group and a newlywed. She has always had an eye for all things beautiful and fun. Her tastes reflect a childlike wonder as well as the sophisticated tastes of a professional designer. She loves her husband, her family and her time with friends. Jenna has always been a fan of great music, great food, and great people. She has been greatly influenced by Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and Robin Jones-Gunn (Christy Miller) and has a great sensitivity to the spiritual things in day to day life. You can read more Top 5 's by Jenna Day at

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10 Responses to “May’s Top 5 by Jenna Day”

  1. Great list! I am especially in agreement on the peonies! I can't seem to find them to buy, though. And this spring my peony bush in the backyard has given me two blooms and that is it. :-( Maybe I'll go buy some neopolitan ice cream to get me through….

  2. Love it! It is great to see you walk in your gifting. You are right on the pulse of what is current & appealing to multiple age groups…I am totally getting feathers! Love you…

  3. Go for the ice cream!

  4. Thanks, Jenna. Love the feathers and Dirty Secret dry shampoo!

  5. I love this list Jenna!!! You made me want to go get some Neopolitan ice cream…thanks:)

  6. Great job Jenna! Love this article! You are so creative and talented, honored to call you my bff! Can't wait to see more of what you have to offer :)

  7. I simply love this.

  8. I love this! I am so getting feathers…. and the dry shampoo made me giggle because back in my day (gees I sound so old!) my mom had dry shampoo around. I remember her using it and had forgotten about it until I read this. So funny it's "still" around! :-) BTW – I am SO getting the ice cream!

  9. Really, really 'right on' w/every thing! Am def. forwarding to many! Keep it up pretty woman!!
    True about the peonies…..we're flying off to our dtr in MI where they thrive. AND…..can G'ma's
    wear the feathers? Tee Hee…..just kidding!

  10. ok…. I LOVE these Jenna, and I am soo gonna try and "rock" those feather extensions! hope there is not an age limit, if so I plan on excedding it!!!! hugs