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Rustic Luxe Spring Table

Rustic Luxe Spring Table

posted on April 2nd, 2012 / by Yvonne Pratt / 33 Comments

We are giving spring a big “welcome back, we have missed you” celebration. A springtime brunch with close friends will mark its happy return! To set the mood spring elements abound on the table.

Moving away from a pastel palette and traditional spring florals, this table pays homage to a softer side of spring…invoking the natural elements and organic textures of the new season. By tucking in a few rich details here and there, this tablescape takes on a rustic luxe look. The repeated theme is birds and nests and naturals.

This is a table of contrasts. Light colors are played against dark backdrops, outdoor elements working with refined details. Contrasts playing together so nicely they give a whole new definition to a spring tablescape.

Two coarse burlap runners criss-cross the table allowing the hand-hewn beauty of the wood to anchor the tablescape. These runners play double duty as they become placemats too! Burlap is a perfect choice for a spring table. Its soft color and nubby natural texture add lots of eye-appeal. Thinking outside the white table linen box can be a breath of spring air!

Grapevine chargers act as cozy nests for each place setting, continuing the spring theme. A stack of plates sit on top of each charger. Their soft colors, intricate detail, and interesting shapes bring a subtle richness to offset the rustic chargers.

The embossed bird plate continues the spring theme in color and content. This is a great design trick. Collect inexpensive salad size plates or small bowls in seasonal motifs and colors, by adding these dishes to the top of a set of white or solid color dishes you get an instant festive table! Here the bird plates bring spring to the table.

Pearlized handled flatware rest on the rustic table. Intricately adorned, the flatware adds polish to the tablescape.

Brown stemmed goblets are paired with clear glassware, again forming a contrast. The ribbing from the brown goblets stands out against the smooth surface of the clear glass next to it. Both lovely in their own rite, together they stand as a sublime duo.

Put unexpected elements together. Too matchy-matchy makes for a boring table.

Little brambly nests in delicate porcelain cups and saucers greet each treasured guest. It is the unexpected touches that make a WOW factor tablescape. The nests will be a take-home gift for the guests. I often put a little thank-you-for- coming gift at each place setting. It could be something as simple as a few candies tied up with a pretty ribbon, but the reaction is always the same… delighted guests!

You would never guess these crisply pressed linen napkins are a Goodwill find! Beautiful linens need not be costly! Flea markets, antique shops, and discount stores offer them at a very reasonable price. This is one element that will make a huge pleasurable difference in any dining experience!

These pretty off-white napkins are trimmed in an ecru colored scallop edge and have an intricate cut out corner, a common vintage design. They are caught up in a small willow wreath which serves as a twiggy napkin ring. These little wreaths are repeated as an adornment for the footed urn candle holders. Sticks and twigs are wonderful elements to use on a spring table.

Adding little nest place card holder might just be “gilding the lily” but who could resist when they are so adorable? A hand torn paper bag is used as a place card, keeping it soft and natural like the rest of the table.

Buy extra elements, like these little nests, when they go on sale and use them over and over in new ways. At Christmas you could add a tiny pinecone and a sprig of evergreen to the nests and use a cut out Cardinal as a place card. Or clip them in your Christmas tree as an ornament.

The center of the table reflects the same softness as the rest of the tablescape. A large provincial pitcher is called into service as a vase. Its heavy construction and chippy glazed finish contrasts and compliments the tall wispy branches full of spring blooms. Using these picked-from-nature stems gives height and lightness to the overall design that traditional spring flowers just don’t offer.

This tablescape is a modern and fresh look at spring. A nod to the natural décor design that is so popular this year.

Be a harbinger of spring… set a rustic luxe table… and celebrate its coming!

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33 Responses to “Rustic Luxe Spring Table”

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    From Virginia

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    You are so creative and talented. Each item on the table is more beautiful than the next. I know much of the beauty can be attributed to your skill as to how and which items go together..
    this was a joy to see.

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