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My Success Story

My Success Story

posted on March 4th, 2013 / by Jillian Hamp / 29 Comments

Let me start this by saying I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL.

This is my story. These are the things I’ve learned. And I want to encourage you in your own journey by sharing mine.

In school I was always an athlete. Basketball, Volleyball, Track, and even some Powerlifting. I played on select basketball teams and travelled Texas for tournaments. As my grade school career ended, so did my activity level. I moved, friends went to college, life slowed down, and I wasn’t entirely sure what was really in store for me; I wasn’t really sure who I was.

A friend of mine invited me one September day to come and workout with her at 24 Hour Fitness. At the time they had a free 7 Day pass, so for six of those seven days I was in classes, on the machines, doing cardio, and swimming. I loved the feeling of being active again! I felt so good… I ended up buying a membership, but slowly my frequency decreased. By December, I’m pretty sure I worked out twice that month.

Then January 2010 came around. My sweet sister had been dating a young man, who is now her husband of nearly three years. This particular January he asked my sister to spend the rest of her life with him, and she said YES! They came back to our home and celebrated with close friends and family. Photos were taken, tears were shed, and the story of ‘them’ was told. I rejoiced for my sister and the amazing man she was about to marry.

I was not, however, thrilled with the images of myself that were floating around after that evening. I refused to look like that in her wedding photos. I refused to look like that for the rest of my life. I refused to be overweight and miserable. I refused to define myself as something I am not.

The next day I met with a personal trainer and we set on my goal of X number of pounds, being X dress size, and just being happier with myself, by the time my sister’s wedding came around. The goals didn’t seem that hard, and my trainer was the bomb!

By the time my sister’s wedding came around, I was 35 pounds lighter, and 2 dress sizes smaller! I was beyond stoked.

After her wedding I continued my journey. And now, a little over three years later, I’ve lost a total of 65 pounds and about 30 inches. I’ve gained tons of muscle and even more confidence. I am still on my journey and look forward to sharing with whoever will listen!

Here are the things I have ‘gained’ in my fitness journey:


This is NOT reporting back daily calories consumed and burned. This is not “Oh, well I missed my workout today”. Though to some people it is! For me, this came in the form of social media. Between Twitter (micro-blogging) and Foursquare (location tracking) I was tweeting either on my way to the gym, or my PR on the treadmill. I was checking in via Foursquare which, for me, just made it feel more ‘official’.


One of the biggest encouragements to me that kept me coming and excited to come was the staff at the gym. The front desk and the trainers were ALWAYS encouraging me! First thing when I walk in, I knew the girls who worked behind the counter and they were the first to say “You’re looking great today!” or “Girl, you can see it melting off!” and the trainers who would come stop by my treadmill and tell me “Great Job” or “Hey, lets kick it up a notch” (followed by increasing my speed, and upping my incline) But the PEOPLE around me IN the gym made the biggest difference!


In my physical journey, I also underwent a spiritual and emotional one. Recognizing who I am created to be and that I am worth the hard work. I am worth a body that is healthy and functional. I am worth a rear end that actually fits into the roller coaster at Six Flags. I am worth it all, because I was created to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. I am worth it because the King says I am. Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”

Not only am I worth it, so are YOU.

And it is not going to look the same for every person. I could run circles around this point all day long! Get out and walk! One of my favorite things is on the weekends my dad and I walk the trails near our house… we go for about 6 miles, (generally twice a weekend) and maintain a good pace and great conversation! My biggest encouragement is YOU CAN DO IT. Whether its weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, YOU CAN DO IT.

Share your story. Even if its that stubborn 5 pounds that finally came off and seem insignificant. It’s not insignificant! Celebrate the victories, even the small ones!

What’s your story?

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Jillian Hamp

Jillian Hamp is a local photographer, world traveler, and the daughter of a King. The thing that Jillian longs to see most is young women walking in an understanding of who they are in the Lord, and the freedom that they have because of that. Jillian loves her family, friends, the kitchen, photography, music, and so much more! Her favorite music is Shane & Shane, and her favorite book is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. To keep up with Jillian's adventures follow her on twitter @jillianyvonne or keep up with her personal blog at .

Jillian Hamp

29 Responses to “My Success Story”

  1. Jillian!!! Jillian!!! Beautiful girl, beautiful story, beautifully written!!!! I'm so proud of you. AND you are totally worth it!!!! Love you more than words can say!
    The Dad

  2. WOOHOOO!!! So proud of you and love that you shared your story!!

  3. This is awesome!!!!! Way to go!

  4. You are AWESOME! I love your story. You have always been AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your heart, daughter of the KING!

  5. Jillian, Thank you for sharing your story – This Momma is hitting the treadmill today because I'm worth it too. Thank you for the encouragement – I need that! Looking forward to hearing more of your story as you continue walking with the King! Love, April

  6. Jillian you inspire me like no one's business!! I'm making a goal sheet today and getting back to it!

  7. Awesome!!! I check in too, I have lost a total of 82 Lbs and counting! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Really wonderful! You are an inspiration to many. Keep going and be blessed.

  9. Love this!!! You are an inspiration friend. Love you.

  10. Thanks for being so transparent and encouraging! Will definitely remember your words as each day a choice comes up to exercise or skip a day. Great reminder that as Daughter's of the King we are "Worth It"!

  11. That is such an encouragement to me personally!!!! Praise God for your testimony! Thank you!

  12. Love your story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You are beautiful inside and out.

  13. Love love love! Yes, we are worth it!!! Proud of your success!

  14. Jillian, You are an inspiration!!! Your story encourages me to work harder and to not give up on my journey to heathy!! You look amazing and I am very proud of you!!! <3

  15. I LOVE this! I'm very inspired right now! Thank you for writing this! I want to print it out to read when I need a good jump start again <3

  16. Thank daddy!! Looooove you!!!!

  17. Awesome Job Connie!!! keep it up!!!

  18. Seriously young lady?!?!?! Did you just speak volumes to an old lady struggling with her own issues…that look NOTHING like yours???? YESSSSSSS…YOU DID! I'm heading for the sweats right now…and the elliptical and some praise music…ain't nobody got time for telling mah head that I'm NOT worthy of a "bettah/mo fit" temple…bless you, BLESS PAPA!!!

    Yeah…totally agree with the ^^^^ posting…want to print this out to read when I need a good jump start again…from a TRUE KINGDOM SISTER!!!!

  19. Jillian, So good!! I am so proud of you.!! You not only have done a great job over time,but a great job in telling your story and letting people know in ways that motivate and tell some huge truths!! You are amazing, and I love it that you know your worth. I love hearing, and seeing your images (both written and photos) of walking with your Dad, and your walk with the King.
    Love you, Gram Karen

  20. So well put Jillian! You give great encouragement and credit where it is due…Jesus, family and community:) Way to go girl!!!

  21. *Darland:))))

  22. GREAT JOB JILLIAN!!!! You look AMAZING!!!!

  23. When I read "you are worth it" it was like someone else was saying that to me. I believe God was speaking. For far to long I have believed that it was wrong to "have" anything and I guess that includes health. (How dare I deserve anything…) You have no idea the impact your sharing your story has had for me. Thank you.

  24. What a beautiful story from a beautiful girl!! There are lots of great weight loss stories but not many show such inner beauty and confidence!! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Wonderful story sweet girl. Proud of you.

  26. I'm so proud of you! Plus, it's crazy to see the before and after. What's most impressive is who you've become as a woman. You light up the room because you don't hide anymore. I wish young women reading this would see you as a shining example.

  27. I love this … not because it's a "weight loss" story, but because it's a SUCCESS story. Our successes pour encouragement into the hearts of everyone who will read or listen and they inspire others to continue seeking, reaching and moving towards their successes, regardless of whether they align in subject matter, or not. Yes Jillian, you will inspire others to either keep moving or to get up and move again (or for the first time) and that's AWESOME, but additionally, your success and perseverance will light fires within bellies in all sorts of other areas because you were not only brave enough to share your story with us but you were, most importantly, courageous enough to go after it in the first place. Your story screams "Just Get Up!" … in the sweetest tone of voice ever, of course. Have I said, "I love this?" ;)

  28. Very cool!! I gained a lot of weight after an emergency c-section. Then I had another baby and it seemed like I'd never lose it! Finally, when my youngest was 6 … I started walking. I started around the block. Then twice around the block. Now my husband and I are up to 5 miles a night! In total I lost around 91 pounds! I actually had to gain a little back, because I was looking unhealthy, but I am totally happy with my size now. It is possible! It is a lie that we believe that we can't lose it. Can't never did anything! Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Proud of you !!!!