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Marsia Van Wormer

Marsia is your typical 39-year old woman who found the love of Jesus, a Godly husband and the gift of motherhood at the age of 29.  A late bloomer one would think, but the opposite couldn’t be truer. Why it took so long for the most important events in her life to fall into place is really anyone’s guess, but it’s definitely the Lord’s timing. He has placed a deep desire in her heart for women to truly discover the purpose and real-time application for their gifting. Marsia is the product of a surrendered life subject to the directing and never-ending love of the most-high God and King; Jesus.

Marsia’s Favs:

Books – My side table is stacked with books on better parenting, mothering, worshiping, living, losing, forgiving, gaining, loving, blessings and the list goes on.  My favorites are The Blessed Life, New Kid by Friday, and Revolutionary Parenting.  Not much time for fiction at this stage in my life but I still love to hear the pulse of the board-room so I embrace the insight given in Crucial Conversations and Blink.

Worship – Gateway’s Living For You, Kari Jobe, Sara Groves-Conversations- I am an avid lover of Gateway Worship!  I love that I can hear the heartbeat of Gateway and Kari Jobe when I’m anywhere, and Sara Groves sings from a heart of being lost, found, confused, redeemed, restored, and . . .  repeat-not unlike myself on any given day!

Tv shows – Not much time for TV either so I’m thankful for Tivo.  24 and The Closer are my 2 top choices!  Nothing like escaping the reality of my normal day to see Jack Bauer save the day or Kyra Sedgwick look amazing in a pink trench coat while she leads the crimes division of L.A. I love action, adventure, and I get my fill of fiction here!