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How to Thrive and not Survive the Holidays: The Spiritual Battle

How to Thrive and not Survive the Holidays: The Spiritual Battle

posted on November 16th, 2012 / by Cassie Reid / 3 Comments

Pick your battles.

I want to wrap up this series by discussing my final holiday tip. I feel very strongly that this one is the most important. I don’t know about you but during the holidays I will look at my calendar and wonder if I can do it all. In the beginning of November things look calm and manageable but by the second week of December I am running around like a crazy woman trying to fit in all of the parties, activities, and shopping. I think so many times we become blinded by obligation. Frankly, this isn’t a problem that only happens in December, it can occur during other times of the year as well. We become so focused on making an appearance at each event and keeping up with the schedule that we lose sight of the actual purpose.

The enemy loves it when this happens. He wants us to be worn down, dull, and not on the top of our spiritual game. This allows room for the enemy to strike. Just like the boundaries and expectations we discussed earlier in the week, we become unable to effectively operate in the spirit. We are so busy that we lose sight of the spiritual battles going on around us, often in our own families.

Many times, during this time of year, I become so focused on what I am expecting and what I see in the natural that I fail to see what is happening in the spiritual. When I am able to hear and see in the spirit I am much more equipped to set the necessary boundaries to ensure I am protected and my holidays are enjoyable. The enemy loves to use our families because they are already have access to us in ways that friendships and other relationships may not. We can easily fall into a pattern of what seems like “normal” behavior allowing room for the enemy to operate in our lives. I know that many times when I am around my family I can fall back into old habits, roles, and behaviors that are very contrary to the way I have decided to live my life. It isn’t my families fault, just the way most families operate when they are together. It is easy to default into a role that a sister, brother, or mother have played for many years. It is comfortable and familiar. Be sure to give yourself grace in this area but also be aware. One of my life mottos is “Knowledge is Power” for many reasons but primarily because when you have knowledge about something you then are able to have power over it. If you know and understand the patterns of your family you are more likely to have power over it when the enemy comes and wants you to fall back into old habits and roles.

The enemy also loves to use things from our past, old wounds, and unforgiveness to wage a spiritual war inside of us. He always wants to convince us of what is false, he never will tell us what is true. He hates truth. For me, the enemy loves to take me back to situations and circumstances that are in the past to specific areas in which I have already found freedom. He wants me to think that I am not as free as I truly am.

The key to success is to always be using your spiritual eyes. If you are able to see things beyond the natural and into the spiritual there is so much joy, peace, and freedom to be had. I find that when I am able to look at my family and circumstances through the lens of the Holy Spirit I am much less susceptible to the old patterns of behavior that could so easily move me backwards. I am also able to see the strategy of any situation (knowledge) and therefore I have authority (power) over that situation.

This holiday season I want to encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to show you the holidays through His eyes. Ask him to allow you to see people, circumstances, and events from a freedom perspective. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy the season and protect yourself in the process.

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit some questions right now.

  • Holy Spirit what is an area in which the enemy would have access to wear me down?
  • Will You show me the game plan to have the most successful interaction with ______________ (fill in the family member, friend, or other person here)?
  • Please show me the events that You have put on my calendar versus the ones that I have felt obligated to attend?
  • We are grateful for Your direction, protection, and wisdom and ask for an extra portion of each this holiday season.


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3 Responses to “How to Thrive and not Survive the Holidays: The Spiritual Battle”

  1. Wow Cassie, this was a great article. It's the kind of thing that I don't want to admit to,…but very clearly deal with. I leave this morning for 10 days with family. You are a rockstar! This helped me!

  2. Wowsers! I wished I had read these three articles before the first of the holiday's! But that's ok I've read them now and knowledge is power like you said! Confident in the Lord the next go around I will be better prepared :)

  3. May God bless you. I am a young woman from Brazil and I'm 21 years old, I am responsible for the spiritual part of my house. God has given me discernment in many things both in the normal and the Spiritual. This file his trust and helped me see what I'm doing right by my family, thank you.