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He Looked Inside the Man

He Looked Inside the Man

posted on September 14th, 2009 / by Bob Hamp / 41 Comments

He looked affectionately at the man He had made.  He had taken some of His own heart and put it in there.  He could see His Spirit roaming around inside the man.  What He had deposited there would one day rejoin Him in a one-of-a-kind re-union. The desire for that moment would grow every day until it happened.  But He understood what was happening, and He had the advantage of Eternal Patience.  The man understood less and would have more trouble with the tension of waiting.  To help the man in his longing for this reunion, the Eternal One excitedly prepared to unfold the next phase.  This step was going to be a fun one.

“Look around”, He told the man, “do you see anyone or anything that could fulfill your longing?”

The man looked, but no such partner existed.  He felt lonely but it seemed that none of these creatures fit the groove in his soul.  They were fun, but not a fit.

The Word and the Spirit looked at each other … they knew what the man could not understand yet … the hunger he felt for connection could only be fully satisfied the day they were all reunited.  Restoring this connection was the thing he was hungry for, but how could he ever know this?  Adam had not even begun to be aware until after the deposit was made.

Ahhhh, but here was the plan … what if the man could feel the same thing the Eternal One was feeling?  What if a part of the man could be deposited in another?  What if between now and the ultimate reunion, he could hunger and temporarily be satisfied by reconnecting to a part of himself? The plan was brilliant. Not only did God create man in His image, He would also create him in His appetites.

As the man grew more restless, the Giver of Life made him rest.  Now the fun began. He reached into the soul of the man and began to reorganize. God, who had reached inside Himself and deposited His Spirit into this man, now reached inside and began to sort through the makeup of the man’s heart.

What to take out and what to leave behind?  These were important decisions.  Anything He removed could not be replaced.  He would have to sort out what the man could do without for a while.

He looked at the man.  Not at his physical form, but at his inner-self … his soul.  Stirring in the man, God could see His own nature and all His characteristics, swirling around within.  He began to sort and sift.  He drew to the man’s side some of His favorite attributes.

Nurture and care, oh, these would be helpful.  Now He drew intuition and integration, the ability to see how many things fit together, to the spot just below the rib.  At the core, He pulled the power of openness, receptivity, and built the other attributes around this one.  As He gathered these things together, He knew the balance was crucial.  He couldn’t leave the man or the wo-man incomplete.  Each needed to have a full complement of character traits.  He also knew that He had to balance these traits.  Incorrectly mixed it might be impossible for them to get along, much less ever come back to one-ness.

In the man He was careful to leave behind the very specific thought process of analysis and logic.  Without this “integration” piece, which he was about to remove, analysis might not work as well, but it would still serve him.  He left initiative-taking inside, knowing that without the balance of receptivity it had the potential to become driven-ness.

This balance was so important.  The two-who-had-been-one must perfectly complement one another.  The two would really need each other in order to stay balanced. Without this balance, in fact, without His guidance, they might actually drive each other crazy, instead of driving each other back to dependence.

He sifted and sorted until He had just the right balance.  Oh, they would feel the longing He was feeling.  They would find the joy of bringing the two parts together.  Under His skilled guidance they would get a foretaste of this two-become-one thing.  That should be enough to get them through until the real re-union came.  In connection to them, He could guide them through the amazing and transformational journey of making what began as one, one again.  They would like it.  As long as they allowed His gentle guidance it would be so much fun!!

Having gathered all the wo-man-ness to Adam’s side, He removed her from his side, leaving each in an altered state.  This left Adam in a condition that would require her help.  Not only to balance him, but to even help him know he needed balancing.  Adam would hunger for her, and then discover his own condition as he tried to satisfy that hunger.

Oh yes; His creation would feel what the Creator felt, and long for the things He longed for.

He could hardly wait to teach them how to take two and make them one.  They would really like it.  Or it would drive them crazy.

(This was written with meaningful input from the incomparable Jackee Hamp, who covers my weakness)

41 Responses to “He Looked Inside the Man”

  1. Wow, this really got to me. I guess part of me always suspected way down deep that those traits inside me were more of an accident or craziness than Divine Design. It’s a revolutionary thought for me that those are traits my husband actually needs to complete him rather than things he has to put up with and overlook…or change.

  2. Perhaps I have never loved a blog as much as I have loved this one!! The value of a woman, told through the words of a man. It’s what every woman wants to know. That God has a place for us. A purpose. A divine destiny. And that the men beside us, who seem so able and independent, really need us. And that we, as women, are a part of them in more ways then we could even dream. We were a part, from creation. We are a part, by design. And we will be a part, until eternity arrives – so that we might understand eternity.

  3. “As long as they allowed His gentle guidance it would be so much fun!!”

    Thanks for reminding me to rely on His gentle guidance! It’s only then that we will work as one and find happiness with each other!

    Thanks Pastor Bob! ; )

  4. What a great way to start today… To hear God’s purpose and our destiny as women. This was such a treat!!

  5. “Transformational Journey” Gold! Thanks Bob, for a blog that will become a study that will become a devotional that will become a prayer! What a picture into the mind and heart of the Father … and what a picture into relationships! Only you …. Kingdom-thinker! Thanks!

  6. God is so exact in His design of His Creation- to know I am both created and chosen by Him is so thrilling. Thanks for the reminder. Press on to keep changing the world, one person at a time.

  7. beautiful!

  8. Great information that has been an additional piece, to the constant affirmation I am receiving of what is going on in my life right now. I have been enlightened so much within the last six months by His word and hearing Him when he speaks to me (be it via a blog, a sermon, a song, reading His word, etc.) that his design is even more amazing for the fact that my head has not exploded…LOL

    Bonb, as always great teachings and I am grateful to have been led to this blog whereas the previous post spoke directly to me as well. You are appreciated and touching the lives of many!

  9. Encore! Encore! ;) yes, what wonderful insight, Pastor Bob!

    Your article reminds me of a point John Piper makes in his book, This Momentary Marriage, where he states that God gave away the first bride. Genesis 2:22.. “and the rib He had taken He made into a woman, and brought her to the man.” He didn’t hide her and make Adam seek. He made her; then he brought her. In a profound sense, he had fathered her. And now, though she was His by virtue of creation, He gave her to the man in this absolutely new kind of relationship called marriage, unlike every other relationship in the world (22).

  10. This reminds me how much I miss sitting under your daily wisdom and explorations into those deep and mysterious things about God! I am also struck by how this is not just a commentary you have written, but a genuine reflection of the way that you truly do live and uphold your relationship with your wife. I had the unprecedented privelege of witnessing you do this over several years, and gleaned so much for my own understanding of me and relationships. Thank you for definitively and honestly lliving all that you endeavour to teach and rousing us all to greater planes of Kingdom existence.

  11. This is such a cool blog. I love how you broke it down and brought understand to what in everyday life can be so confusing. Shedding a light on how we fit together as a puzzle piece to create a while picture. Thanks Pastor Bob!

  12. “This balance was so important. The two-who-had-been-one must perfectly complement one another. The two would really need each other in order to stay balanced. Without this balance, in fact, without His guidance, they might actually drive each other crazy, instead of driving each other back to dependence.”

    ~ And this is it… the thing so many couples search for their whole marriage long… and never find it. The balance of completing each other in oneness, wholeness and the image of God. he created us to live that way… He did. With my fella’ leaving town this morning to go half-way across the country for a month to work I am feeling the incompleteness and the longing all ready that missing him will bring. God is so good and He knew what He was doing – didn’t HE?

    Oh Thank You for hosting our wonderful Pastor Bob as your guest today. I’m so glad he mentioned that I should check out your blog… I will return, much insightful stuff to read here.

  13. Wow! BOB!! What a blessing for you that the Lord continues to use you and your family as mightily as He does!!! And WE are so blessed by it as well~~~What an honor to call you all my friends!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sweetness!!!!!…I thank God for revelation! ….thank you Bob for sharing. Not only did God create man in His image, He would also create him in His appetites… Oh yes; His creation would FEEL what the Creator felt, and long for the things He longed for…Loved that!!!!…also the part on “As long as they allowed His gentle guidance it would be so much fun!! ..thanx for that reminder….God+ gentle guidance=FUN…and the part on the balance …The two would really need each other in order to stay balanced….The balance of completing each other in oneness and in wholeness.. SWEET!!!
    Thank you God for your “Eternal patience” and for your “Gentle guidance”.

    You my friend are a blessing! Thanks Bob and Jackee.

  15. Balance…and completed. Wow! I need those words to be integral in my life. Once again you heard from Father’s heart and astounded us with your ability to translate it into words. And…marraige should be fun!!! Thanks to both you and Jackee.

  16. I knew there was so much more to the rib than the sense of direction piece! I love your willingness and love to share on this blog inspired by women who are inspired by their Creator who in turn are looking to share and be more inspired! I love you and Jackee and know that your marriage is just fun!!! m

  17. Bob, I always am moved by your expression of Kingdom ideas. You cause me to think differently, and I am one of many grateful readers.

  18. It was really Good! Great Job Dad!!!!!!

  19. Love this one! My sweet husband is out of town this week and I am reminded ever so much how we are made to work together as a team! It’s not that I can’t handle everything while he’s away but it truly does feel like a part of me is missing and I long for him to return (in a healthy way of course :) ) So many great reminders about God’s love for us in your post! Thank you!

  20. I liked the way it made the creation of man and woman seem more human and thoughtful although it is difficult to read such things in this world when there are so few times when the balance is actually realized.

  21. Bravo! Good job, Hon! I can attest to the way you live out what the Lord has given you understanding. Thanks for taking me along in this journey.

  22. Thanks. That was awesome!

  23. This was such a revelation of how our Creator formed us to be as one together. That together in unity we can make a difference in this world full of darkness by demonstrating the Father’s love. When I was on my heart quest the Lord gave me a great picture of when Rob and I are in complete unity, with one another we display who God really is to many who have given up!:) Your words were so right on!
    Thank you. I look forward to reading more!

  24. I think this piece was well written, but I do not agree with the content. It is just wishful thinking to believe that men and women can exist in matrimony and be happy and fulfilled for any significant period of time. Maybe a couple can find happiness and fulfillment, but only in little bursts of time; particularly in the beginning of their relationship, after that relationships are held together by things like convenience, neurosis, and children. Just look around you, anywhere in the world, take off your rose colored glasses and it will be obvious that women and men are truly incompatible. If you have some of the previously mentioned reasons to stay in your marriage then by all means, try to be as happy as you can be. If this kind of delusional pablum helps you to do that then more power to you. I, for one, much prefer to face the truth and the harsh realities of life and deal with them directly. Reality-There are no really “good” humans, we are all very messed up. Reality- With any two of them put together you are not going to find balance, oneness or wholeness. You’re going to find, in the long run, conflict, and friction. If anyone wants to offer their relationship/marriage as an argument against this then I simply say, delusion/fraud, or the rare exception, not the rule.

  25. loved this post!

  26. I would only add to this “love”. God has given us the ability to love unconditionally. Not easy, but possible. The dynamics of a relationship are made easier at times when we reognize He who created us also equipped us with the ability to go beyond our realm of understanding of what “true love” is, which includes unconditional forgiveness in our daily relationships as we live with each other and work at understanding each other.

  27. If the created beings disconnect themselves from their Creator and live outside His blueprint for their lives, then there are no really “good” humans and indeed very messed up. But as Pastor Bob beautifully crafted in this article that “As long as they allowed His gentle guidance it would be so much fun!!” God+ gentle guidance=FUN. Pastor Bob has depicted how God carefully and thoughtfully created and designed us to be in His own image to enjoy relationship with Him and with one another. Once again, depart from God, without following His gentle guidance, we can’t have the “fun” that He desires to give to us. Thanks, Pastor Bob for your insightful sharing!

  28. Loved it! It can be so easy in this world to believe the distortions Satan draws on God’s perfect pictures- so easy to believe that what you described is not possible… I thank God that it IS possible. Thanks for sharing :)

  29. Boss Man: Good story, Good timing, Grabbed my heart… this must be anointed. I needed that! Signed, Newly Wed.

  30. Hyrum,
    I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts. I am sorry to hear what sounds like a great deal of pain in regards to relationships. I know that in the experience of all of us, we can find things that do not live up to, or even fall far short of our created design. These things are frustrating and often shape our perspectives.
    I too, experience things that I wish were different, but I am unwilling to say that my experiences somehow define or convey God’s design. I am convinced that His design is ideal, and that we are all in various stages of trying to find the restoration of that perfect design in our inner soul, our relationships and our daily experiences.
    I wish it were not so hard to find those who achieve some semblance of balance in life and intimacy. However, I find enough of them around me to encourage me to keep seeking for more than what I currently have, and to be grateful that I have more than I used to. I choose to see the ideal as the target we shoot for all of our lives, and compare my current state to that ideal, instead of to others or my own past experiences.
    I want to say I do not want to dispute with you the inherent difficulty of life and relationships. I hope that as you walk out your own journey with God that you see His intended design, perhaps yet unrealized but still present and waiting to be discovered and redeemed in every imperfect person and relationship.

  31. I personally loved this post…it inspired me to find God in my Mister in a new way…like the God in me loving the God in him way…the God longing for oness way! Definetly caught myself thinking defirently. I also want to thank you on behalf and with all the other DIB ladies for being our first male contributor…thanks for the fresh perspective and writing for our readers!
    - Ris

  32. So beautiful!! Really touched my heart and love how you can portray God’s love and creation of our unity and one-ness between each other in marriage. My old way of thinking was, if I could just be more like my husband and think, act, react more like him, it would be so much better. Since then, God has really shown me how our opposites really do complement each other and is the perfect balance for us and our children. Looking forward to more stories from you!

  33. Knowing Bob for almost 15 years now, I know this revelation he has shared with us comes from not always easy to survive experience, yet he still strives for that balance in the face of a world who would have us believe it to be impossible. He wears the fragrance of Jackee as a part of his soul every day of his life and imparts little whiffs of their joined spiritual fragrance into four amazing children. Bob does not quit! And lucky for him, neither does Jackee! Because they both remain open to what God reveals to them about each other through His word and through the constant reawakening of their balanced love in their children. I’m sorry for Hyrum’s pain. I know the devastation of wrong choices myself. But I have hope in Christ that I am free to eventually find that right choice. Thank you ladies, for letting a man show us that we need what we give according to Divine Design. May we be open to other godly men who have the courage to take God at His Word and love their wives as He intends and may other godly men learn here that we godly women have just what they need as it was given to us by our creator. Please have Bob and other men back often. Without a male perspective, we lose half of our reasoning. And God Bless you Jackee for truly being a Proverbs 31 woman. Love you both for proving God right!

  34. loved this take on marriage. smiled when I read ” or it would drive them crazy”… haven’t we all been down that road! but what a fresh perspective for God’s heart for our marriages. loved it. :)

  35. Hybrum,

    I’m so sorry to hear that. I do disagree though since I have seen many marriages that have lasted decades and are still full of love and admiration. I believe God’s design is ideal as well and our own issues are the reasons it at times seems to fail.

  36. Always hitting the mark…and delivering in such palatable manner! Thanks so much!!

  37. This Sunday I will be married 3 months, and I have to say, these words tend to describe only the tip of the ice burg of what my experience has been. For the first time, I am experiencing only what I had faith in and a new-found love for my creator has been without words. I’m amazed. Thank you Bob and Jackee for writing it so eloquently, and yet so true.

  38. Pastor Bob you definetely have a gift to make us stop and think which makes us search deeper and that is a good thing.

  39. You weave the details of this glimpse into our intended destiny as women so beautifully. You words made me think of my husband and the many times I have viewed his “weaknesses” as simply that…moments of weakness. Yet I now know and believe, in just the time it took to read this blog, that God has brought His revelation of truth through your words…my husband’s weaknesses were intended to be there, just as mine were, in order to compliment one another and to create in us the desire to lean on and depend on each other.

    And I think too many times I allow my husband’s weakness to drive me crazy instead of realizing that it wasn’t God’s cruel joke but His specific design for a purpose. Thank you for putting that design into such a vivid word picture.

  40. We are so honored to host your blog on DIB! It was beautifully written and so out of the box!! Yes, I feel satisfied being close to my husband but I realize that there is still a part of us missing that can only be satisfied when we are together with our Maker. God is the biggest romantic ever!!

  41. This is beautifully written. I love it!