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posted on March 18th, 2013 / by Marissa Star / 5 Comments

Destiny in Bloom started with God speaking.

Almost four years ago when the world of blogging opened up, a dim flicker, a faint sound began to emerge. When I heard it, I couldn’t help but want more, it built up hope, it was dispelling darkness.

I would search the web, stalking blog sites, going on keyword hunts to find it:

It was the sound of women throwing off the girdle of religious facades, beginning to write about living out their faith in God with transparency and authenticity. Words that didn’t deny the messiness of life; the humanness we experience on our way to finding God that frees others to do the same.

It was through the hunger to know God in this way and see this voice of hope and freedom grow that Destiny in Bloom was birthed in July 2009.

It was an alliance of voices that reflected the many personalities and expressions of how God shines through women. We aimed to be a blog that celebrated differences as women, not magnified them. We knew one voice could reach a crowd, but a group of voices could have infinite reach. We started with 10 women writers. Six months in we added our resident male voice, Bob Hamp, honoring the importance of a male voice in woman’s lives. In July of 2010, after rapid growth and following we re-launched as a Women’s online magazine adding our poplar Real Life Matters section and Reality Redefined projects.

So here we are:

3 years, 8 months, and 12 days. 1,351 days. 681 articles. 11,288 comments. 3,270 FB likes. 1,689 tweets. 808 followers and tens of thousands of views later.

We are stunned and blessed by all the ways God has moved and spoken to hearts through our writers and readers.

But then God spoke again.

It was time to let Destiny in Bloom go. Both Melissa and myself as Directors heard it separately and it was with great hesitancy and trepidation we shared it with each other just to receive such sweet confirmation. We have stewarded Destiny in Bloom always knowing it was His and we had the great honor of steering it as He led. She (DIB) had accomplished her mission, the authentic voice of women rising, voices that have been freed by the power of woman living honest. Many other magazines and online resources have emerged and filled the internet with a confidant sound of healthy femininity and resolve to be all that we are called to be. Destiny has bloomed and is blooming. We are privileged to have played our small part in the symphony.

So now we give Destiny in Bloom back to you like this; you have a story, you have a voice, write what is in your heart, live with abandonment all the freedom God has given you as His child, friend, and bride. When life is hard, messy, unstable … don’t shrink back, don’t give up- find Him in the place destiny blooms in your life!

Destiny in Bloom started with God speaking and ends with God speaking. The way every great adventure should.

But don’t worry:

This beautiful site will stay up and the fabulous resources in our archives will be available to everyone. If there are authors you love to follow, don’t fret! You can continue to get their amazing writing via their blogs, twitter, etc. Be following the Facebook Page throughout the rest of the month of March for posts about where you can find each author.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you Beloved Readers. You have journeyed with us these almost four years, and shared our lives and hearts. You have encouraged us and received our encouragement. I don’t think we can adequately convey what you have meant to all of us who are a part of Destiny in Bloom; from directors to social media team to editors to authors … You are so very precious to all of us. Thank you.

Marissa Star – Founder/Director

Melissa Aulds – Director Social Media/Real-Life Matters


We would also like to invite you to check out an opportunity to get started sharing YOUR story. Check out the Overcoming revolution happening at #KillingMonsters where bloggers are sharing their stories of God’s faithfulness in setting them FREE from “monsters like shame, unforgiveness, eating disorders, molestation, lust, hate, anger and the list goes on! Because #weALLhavethem. You can also follow on twitter at

5 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. I am so sad to read this. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the articles, been thrilled to forward them on to friends. Many have touched my heart like nothing else. I wish you all the best Marissas! Thanks for sharing YOU these past few years.

  2. I am so going to miss DIB but THANK YOU for being faithful to hear His voice and enrich so many of our lives through all the hard work you've done! Great blessings to you as you move on in your own great adventures. ♥

  3. Will miss you. Until we meet again…..

  4. Thank you for sharing such loving words to us these past four years, and also for listening to the Lord when He said it was time for a change. This has been a lovely magazine, and I appreciate your leaving it up for awhile. I also appreciate your example of letting go, it gives me permission to consider the same for myself.

    Many blessings in your new adventures!! love y'all!

  5. Thank you DIB!!! It has been a beautiful four years and the blooms of destiny will be seen and felt for years to come!