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February TOP 5!!

February TOP 5!!

posted on February 6th, 2012 / by Jenna Day / 2 Comments

1 | Vanilla Yogurt Pretzels

These are my favorite “Throw in a Zip-Lock bag and be on the run” kind of snacks. I’ve always loved the salty and sweet combo. A bonus about these, though, is that that they are low in calories!

2 | Leave in Conditioner

I have thick hair that tangles easily so this is my hair’s BFF. After taking my hair out of my towel I spray the bottom half of my hair and let it sit while I do my makeup. Then I use a big comb to go through my hair and I can already tell my hair has gotten softer.

3 | VS Pink Fresh & Clean

This has got to be my favorite on-the-go perfume. It really smells like the name—fresh and clean. (On the website, they describe it as “a delicate blend of pure jasmine & pink lemonade.” A very accurate and more thorough description than what I came up with. :) ) Another thing that I really like about this perfume is that it comes in a plastic bottle so I can throw it in my purse or car and put it on when I don’t have time to go home and freshen up while running around.

4 | Mercury Decor

This is such a simple way to update my home decor. I love having pieces that work for each and every season of the year. This is also a fun way to have that vintage, yet modern, look in a room. My favorite Mercury items I have are candle holders.

5 | Curling Wand

My sister has always had fabulous naturally curly hair. This tool is the closest I’ve ever gotten to getting my hair to look like hers. It’s so easy and fast to use on your hair.

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2 Responses to “February TOP 5!!”

  1. LOVE. Such a fun list!!!

  2. I think I may have to try out that perfume! Thanks Jenna!!