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February Top 5

February Top 5

posted on February 4th, 2013 / by Jenna Day / 1 Comment

1 | Laboratory Flower Vases

Geek chic is a fun way to liven up a room! I just love this beaker set that is also a flower vase! It’s such a unique way to add personality to a home.


1 | Heart Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are an easy wait to make your old shoes look new! These shoe clips are so sparkly and come in SIX different colors making it easy to dress up your feet.

3 | Ombré Scarf

I love ombré because it’s such a simple and easy way to add depth and personality to any outfit. This scarf is also the perfect transition from winter to spring!

4 | Heart Ring

To me, rings are the small details of any outfit that make it complete. I love this delicate heart ring. It’s great for everyday activities or a night out with your girlfriends!

5 | Multitude Hair Ties

This is my all time favorite hair tie! When I’m not using them to hold my hair back, they also double as a super cute bracelet. :)

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Jenna Beth Day is a graphic designer with Church Media Group and a newlywed. She has always had an eye for all things beautiful and fun. Her tastes reflect a childlike wonder as well as the sophisticated tastes of a professional designer. She loves her husband, her family and her time with friends. Jenna has always been a fan of great music, great food, and great people. She has been greatly influenced by Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and Robin Jones-Gunn (Christy Miller) and has a great sensitivity to the spiritual things in day to day life.

Jenna Day

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  1. so hard to believe that this was the silent, shy, withdrawn little girl I knew in Abilene…God has done WONDERS with you and your heart…love the post