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Defender of All Things Beautiful

Defender of All Things Beautiful

posted on September 2nd, 2009 / by Marissa Star / 22 Comments

A question has been stirring in my heart for about a week awakening a curiosity to search the answer out by bringing it before the heart of God. In all my selfishness I had not thought of asking it before. It’s not hard for us to come before God wondering by asking, “What is it Lord you think about me? What is on your heart for me?” It’s like His finger shifted the question to broaden it’s base and yet it’s answer would teach me so much more about myself … my heart inquired, “Lord, what is on your heart for your women … all your women? What was your heart and purpose from the beginning when you created us? My mind raced anticipating a great mystery revealed, yet the answer came in the simplicity of one word: beauty.

The word beauty alone resonates so deeply in my heart as if we both knew we were meant to be together from the beginning. In humility my heart wrapped itself around the word slowly saying it over and over. He created us women with beauty intricately woven into the DNA of our spirits. We are drawn to it, we create it, we desire it!  I don’t know a man that has ever desired to be called beautiful, but think just for a moment how a woman’s heart melts in the presence of this word … but why? Maybe because it was innately put in us as a gift from our Maker not just for foo-foo and frills, but also with a purpose … a purpose to bring beauty (His beauty) to all we encounter. Not the beauty of this world and its standard stick, not a beauty contrived or a beauty bought, nor the aesthetic trappings of walls painted with nothing inside. I’m talking about the essence of beauty a woman has the ability to bring to a room, a relationship, and a marriage … really everything she touches. So many examples come flying across my mind. Just think bachelor’s pad. I had the opportunity to see many of my husband’s friend’s apartments before their finance’s moved in. Simple, mere basics and necessities and then beautiful moved in when their bride moved in. What had been a place to sleep became a home: an atmosphere charged with nurturing, love, and beauty. We as women have that ability. We also have the ability to withhold beauty when we are hurt. I feel the Holy Spirit pausing on this. I can see all the times hurt was trying to steal “beautiful” from my heart and how sometimes it succeeded. How it left me feeling hollow, how withholding beauty from my relationships felt like the offenders just reward and yet it robbed me from who I was created to be. If you’ve been robbed or robbed yourself, this is your moment to let beautiful seep back into your heart, into relationships in your life that need your beauty again.

You were created to be beautiful to bring beautiful to your world! But the raw reality is that your “beautiful” was born into a fallen world where the so called ruler of this world is the king of darkness. He has been out to steal the word beautiful from our hearts since we were little girls. Twisting what beautiful means. Putting more emphasis on merely outer beauty forsaking the treasures of our ability to love, our giftings, and unique dispositions that were fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14). He (our enemy) created a standard that is unachievable and yet it woos us with promises of acceptance, of confidence, and of influence over others. It is a brutal taskmaster that often asks us to betray the integrity of our hearts in hopes of being “loved” by others. It has turned the beauty of our hearts into sizes and numbers. It has tortured many into habitual acts of self-hatred. I know to some of you this sounds harsh, but now is the time, we have to tell the truth and shame the devil. He is the same devil that molests and rapes young women in hopes of forever stealing beautiful from their reality. He desires for them to live a life robbed of even the hope of beauty. But they don’t have to! I know the one who restores true beauty, a kind of beauty that resonates true to our very core and yet this world (the worldly system of life without God) knows nothing of it. For some he has twisted a desire to be loved and called beautiful into a vain pursuit in the arms of men. Men, women, Moms, Dads, pastors, counselors, the list goes on … people can not heal us, restore us, bring beautiful back to a woman’s heart, only Jesus can. And He wants too! I can remember the day I asked Him into my heart while I had the revelation; He had always been loving me … I just needed to decide to love Him back. You see if you’ve been robbed or if you have been mislead to serve a standard that has hurt you, His arms are open ready and willing to restore beautiful through His healing love. He comes to you, gently running His hands through your hair … sliding your hair from your face grooming you for your destiny. He is speaking these words softly and slowly over you, He says:

“(Your name), you are beautiful! You are highly treasured and desired by Me. When I made you, I didn’t hold back! I decked you out in delight! You are my highly favored and loved daughter in whom I take great delight! Nothing can separate you from my great love for you. My plans for freedom and healing in your life would blow your mind, how great are my plans for you! YOU, my beloved are beautiful!”

Ps. 5:11-12 (THE MESSAGE)

“But you’ll welcome us with open arms
when we run for cover to you. 
Let the party last all night!

Stand guard over our celebration.
You are famous, God, for welcoming God-seekers,
 for decking us out in delight.”

So the next time the devil comes to steal the word beautiful from your heart simple tell him to “GET OFF! It doesn’t belong to him and it never did!” Choose to be the defender of all things beautiful in your life and heart.

I leave you with this benediction:

May the word beautiful become close and dear to your heart. May it grow as His love waters it. May you walk in greater revelation of what you have to impart into the lives of those around you through the beauty that is innately in you. May you discover greater levels of freedom as His truth nestles itself into your heart and shines through your life!

You are carried in my heart and with Great Love,

22 Responses to “Defender of All Things Beautiful”

  1. It sounds so cliché to say that was beautiful, but it was absolutely beautiful! “We are drawn to it, we create it, we desire it! I don’t know a man that has ever desired to be called beautiful, but think just for a moment how a woman’s heart melts in the presence of this word … but why? Maybe because it was innately put in us as a gift from our Maker not just for foo-foo and frills, but also with a purpose … a purpose to bring beauty (His beauty) to all we encounter.” That specifically was really moving. You brought and demonstrated beauty which allowed me the reader, to encounter God’s beauty and realize that everything I touch can be beautiful because He lives in me!

    All the writers in Destiny in Bloom bring you immediately to Christ’s face. It is like a mirror that you can see your self, but also see Christ. All the writings bring you or show you something about Him that changes you. Today I read your blog and I see God’s beauty and understand His beauty in me. Other days I have read another writer and experience Gods power or grace. So many descriptions and so many attributes of God are demonstrated through Destiny in Bloom and it blesses so many people! Love you guys! All of you – even the people I don’t know! Your all are amazing. Keep running strong!

  2. WOW!! If I could see through the tears I would write that this touched the inner most part of my being. God knows exactly what we need when we need it. This piece in particular is a “healing and cleansing” words from the Father Himself. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Geez, Marissa! That totally brought me to tears! So great!

  4. Thank you Ris, that was amazing and left me in tears…words straight from the heart of our Savior. Way to go!

  5. Wow! What an amazing revelation. Often as a grandma, with my children grown, I stuggle with my purpose. But to hold onto the idea that I can bring beauty into my world by my words and actions…..can’t wait. I think I have discovered a new passion today. I copied the prayer to pray often. You have given me much to think about………….You are so special. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your words make me want to RUN to my closet – my little hideaway – and spend time with Jesus; soak in His beauty because it’s His beauty imputed to me that shines like no other…and replaces my desire to keep reaching for that impossible, false standard set by my enemy.

    My day is waiting for me and all that I really need to accomplish today but I can feel the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart, wanting some private time with me before I tackle that check list in my head.

    Thank you, Ris, for calling out true beauty and for inspiring us to seek that which God already created within each of us.

  7. I am absolutely drenched in tears by this post. Thank you for bringing His word so close to my heart! What a beautiful revelation He has given you to share with all of us.
    I feel like a fog has been lifted just by taking this post in.

    God Bless you RIS!!!

  8. This was just captivating!! Straight from the heart of the Father. Thank you for the gentle, yet massively profound, reminder! What an incredible vessel you are for His message! Thank you!

  9. Marissa,
    Great words of beautiful wisdom today!:) Thank you for being a vessel of our Maker. It is very evident that His beauty flows from the inside-out of you.:)
    Love You!!

  10. Ohhh, it is truely beautiful, Ris!! He has unravelled His heart in your words!! It was all like a beautiful heart healing song! I can’t stop saying it! BEAUTIFUL!! You have purpose, destiny, & passion seeping out if you like His own special parfume! The kind that when you hug someone, you walk away with it’s beautiful scent on you and you can’t forget about it!!That’s how His calling resonates from you! It’s contagious & I love it!! Beauty for ashes! Thanks for dancing with the King & bringing His love to us!!! You are loved!! Love! Sach

  11. Beautiful! Just like you! Thanks, Ris, for giving us your heart again.

  12. Hey Sweetie. As usual…you knocked it out of the park. I love hearing your heart and I love spending my life with you. You are beautiful…inside and out.



  13. Girl…you got your preach on…in the most gentle and lovely way possible, of course. LOVED it and will ponder it in my heart for days to come! Thanx for sharing!

  14. Wow God is up to something, doing a new thing in all our hearts revealing beauty! Thank you everyone for all of your beautiful words and heart felt responses! I am blessed at the opportunity to go on this journey together!
    Great Love!

  15. Beautiful. You know what I love about you, is your passion. You have such a passion for Gods women to be free and to be all the He has created us to be. It is so evident and beautiful in your writings. Your time with Him overflows to us! Thank you, Beautiful…. ;}

  16. Marissa, I echo all the sentiments of all your readers and your loving husband Yuri. Your writings expound the power of restoral, love, faith and beauty into our hearts and nurture our well being. I wish your words could be shared with the young mother of 29 who was kidnapped from her parents at the age 11 and her young daugthers who have been robbed of their innocence and beauty for so many years. As prayer warriors we must pray that their beauty and belief in the God be restored through Gods power and grace. As commented by Jacqueline Boyd Scott, “This piece in particular is a “healing and cleansing” words from the Father Himself”. God has truly chosen you to be a vessel of his words and promise to us. May God continue to bless you with his word and messages to share with us. May God continue to give you and your co-writers the energy and time needed for written expression to share your messages with readers of “Destiny in Bloom”. Love you Mom

  17. You weren’t just given a revelation of beauty. Your own beauty, expressed through your words, was anointed to stir ours! It’s like I have been unveiled. And I cannot thank you enough for listening to what the Holy Spirit was saying to us!

  18. As I was reading this beautiful word- the song by Sunflowers came on saying… You see me beautiful… such confirmation to what you had written. I pray that all of His ladies will truly receive and believe they are beautiful in every way!

  19. I thought Going To The Mattresses was my favorite, but I love this one so much too! I’ll just call it a tie. ;) there’s just been such an emphasis on the scripture taken kind of out of context “don’t let your beauty come only from outward adornment…” it has made many of us to feel vein or judged for desiring to be beautiful when, like you said, it’s part of how God made us. This is a liberating word!

  20. I already read two blogs today and i can’t read anymore. I love you and i bet this is really good! My little mind can only take so much at 7:18 in the morning. See your blog tomorrow! Loves you.

  21. I hate to sound repetitive, but that was beautiful. The world keeps telling us we aren’t beautiful and we feel we have to prove it, but God says we are it! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  22. Wow. I had some down time at work today and started with Rob and Maree's newest blog and have since read through all of the marriage blogs and now this. I must say there have been times at my desk where I have laughed and others fought back the tears…I am so encouraged and have taken away so much today. Thank you for sharing your heart and what you have learned so that others can grow from it. It was much needed and appreciated. Many blessings.