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Bob Hamp

Bob is the father of four young adults, and has been married to Jackee since 1984.  His background as a professional counselor and pastor of Freedom Ministries has been the outgrowth of a relentless curiosity to discover how things work.  God saved him from a  non-church background, allowing him to grow up minus much of the potential for rigid religious thought and language. He is the author of Think Differently, Live Differently.  Hobbies include music and trying to change the world.

Bob’s Favs:

Books - The top of the List is still The Journey of Desire by John Eldredge, I also like the autobiographies of God’s people who walk in the supernatural, like, “The Way it Was” by Carole Wimber, and “Launch into the Deep” by Mark Rutland.  Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard.   Like books that make me Think Differently.

Music - I was raised in Detroit in the 70′s and love old classic Rock. When it comes to worship, a smooth searing electric guitar stirs me deeply. I like Vineyard worship stuff, Chris Tomlin, and a lot of the stuff coming out of Hillsong. I like songs that tell God how amazing He is, more than songs that talk about how I feel. I especially like songs that repeat the lines from the Throne Room in Revelation 4.

Movies - The Matrix, August Rush, That Thing You Do and anything that has clever and witty dialogue. I like stories and conversations that engage. And for some strange reason, I love the humor of the TV show “Burn Notice.”