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Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things

posted on October 14th, 2011 / by Melissa Aulds / 142 Comments

Pain. We’ve all got it, and have all been there at one point or another. One of my favorite things about our God is He won’t let our pain go to waste. If we will allow Him, He will redeem it and make it beautiful.

This is the story of my pain. I hope that as you watch it, you will see His beauty.

Miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death will touch one woman in four. That’s over 2,000 women per day in the US alone, and yet it’s rarely spoken of. No matter who you are, you most certainly know a woman who has suffered a loss. So many women suffer through it silently and alone, and my heart is to see those that have lived through it speak up and help those walking through it now.

October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. If you are a woman who has experienced a loss and you want to acknowledge your loss, I invite you to leave the name and date you associate with your baby in our comment section.

I will remember them with you.

142 Responses to “Beautiful Things”

  1. Jasmine Aulds 4/21/2010
    Lily Aulds 8/12/2010

  2. Thank you beautiful mama. So amazing.

  3. Whitney Austin Rutherford 8/23/1984

  4. Beautiful!

    Cadence Alexis 5/1/2008
    Allison Grace 4/7/2011

  5. Grace 4/5/07

    Beautiful. I love that each of these precious souls matter to God.

  6. Alexys Cheyan Escobedo 5/3/04 to 8/17/07
    Junior(baby boy) born sleeping 4/29/10

  7. Joy Shelton 8/97
    Baby Williams 10/06
    Hope Williams 10/10

  8. Gorgeous. You did a fantastic job and what a wonderful way to remember our tiny little angels.

  9. Thank you for that. In my heart, I feel like my baby would have been a boy, so I named him Joshua (God rescues). 5/08

  10. Mykaela Faith Anthony 8/15/11

    Melissa, thanks for being bold and sharing your heart and your story. You have been a huge blessing in my life as we walk through this season. Thanks for being vulnerable and letting God use your story to bring life to so many!

    Yay for a day to remember our daughters!

  11. So glad our children are in His arms….thank you so much for this article
    April and Amy 1973

  12. Faith Harper 6/06

  13. Thank you Melissa, that was beautiful<3
    "Mini" Cooper 4/24/10 – 11/8/2010

  14. Xavyiar 14/09/2011

  15. Thank you Melissa! This is beautiful! Baby- October 1996, Faith – October 2004.

  16. Xavyiar 14/09/2011

  17. Baby masterson. February 27, 2008

  18. Baby McCann February 2011
    (We also were 12 weeks and clearly saw our little one on the sonogram. But like you, no heart beat. Our oldest daughter, Jordan, who is now 4, regularly talks about "our baby in heaven" and how "Jesus is hugging her" (Jordan is convinced our little one is a girl.) We are now expecting again (a little boy) and are 20 weeks. Our last baby will never be replaced and we remember the precious one often. Thank you for sharing.

  19. So So Beautiful! Thank you from the bottem of my heart!
    Hayden Cole Lewis 11/30/2010
    Jacksun Alexander Lewis 07/25/2011

  20. Thank You For All You've Done. Love You, Tracy

    <3 Our Little Love, Baby Mills – 6/22/2011 <3

  21. Thank you Melissa, that was beautiful<3

  22. Beautiful way to emphasize beginning life and loving service to women everywhere. My loss was Patrick in 1966. In 1971 I had a beautiful daughter who told her daddy that he had better be nice because she had been with me a long time waiting on a good daddy.

  23. I love your beautiful heart!!! Thank you for being raw and real. Thank you for your candor!

    (I cried as I watched the names…)

  24. Thanks for sharing! You did an amazing job!

    Baby Bourne 7/23/2011

  25. Baby 1 12/26/2009
    Baby 2 3/22/2010
    Baby 3 8/9/2010
    Israel Kevon (lost through birthmother's decision to keep) 4/19/2011

    Planning to write (again) about my experience on my blog later:

    Thanks for speaking boldly. Those who are uncomfortable have not found true healing that comes from the Father. I miss my beautiful babies, and even the one who currently lives and thrives 20 minutes from my home.

  26. Baby Rexing 02~17~96

  27. Tianna Grace is my full term still born angel baby… She went to heaven on March 13, 2007…

  28. It has been 45 years and few people know. This was a comfort. Thank you……

  29. You are beautiful Melissa. This is anointed and God breathed. Jackson was to be born the day after Christmas about 3 years ago. Yesterday I heard the Lord say, "We just call him Grace up here." That's how personal our Father is to our babies. love u

  30. Mel,
    I have never lost a baby, but I have felt the pain of a loss.

    Tears flowed as both Rob and I read all the names at the end of the video. Touched my heart in a deep way!

    Thank you from the depths of my heart for putting all of this together, so that women everywhere can have a place to grieve their loss and also rejoice for all things are made Beautiful!!

    Love your heart for others!

  31. Amazing! Thank you again for remembering my angels. Bebe 11/27/08 and Serenity 2/18/09 <3

  32. Whitney Austin Rutherford 8/23/84
    Awesome! I have felt exactly the same-uncomfortable about sharing due to fear of making a new mom worry. After a few years I have felt more comfortable in talking about the loss. It brings comfort to those mourning their own loss and also provides an opportunity to witness of God's great love & provision for our salvation. My two children (now 22 & 26) grew up feeling that heaven is real because they have a brother there. What a great area of ministry!

  33. Baby Calfee July 6th 2008.

    I havent really dealt with this I just moved on. I lost this baby on my and my husbands anniversary at almost 6 weeks along. I conceived my daughter Lauryn the very next month. If I would have had Baby Calfee I wouldnt have my daughter. So I dont really know what to do with that. Thank you Melissa for a wonderful tribute.

  34. Thank you so much for a beautiful tribute to our baby Keegan (baby Pickle) Parker, 9/18/11.

  35. Beautiful

  36. Judah 11/16/10

  37. Benjamin Joseph Campbell 8/5/01 – 8/7/01

  38. I understand :) if we hadn't lost Jasmine we wouldn't have gotten pregnant with lily, if we hadn't lost lily we wouldn't have our sweet Victoria. I think it's totally ok to say that at this point you are completely at peace with how things happened. That's not a bad thing! I know that Jasmine and Lily are with Jesus and someday we will be reunited as a whole family. I am now at peace with them being in heaven and we move forward as the family we are now while remembering our girls…i hope that makes sense?

  39. Thank you Melissa. You don't know me but, I prayed for you and Jason when Josh (my son) told me of your losses. You truly have allowed the Father to shine through the painful circumstances of losing a child. Thank you for allowing us, no matter how long ago, to remember our children out loud.

    Micah Andrew Hickman 1/21/91 (at birth)
    Rachel Hickman 9/98 (18 weeks) –
    Caleb Hickman 10/01 (6weeks)

  40. Samuel David Chapman 7/31/11

    Beautiful video. It was as if you were reading my mind and speaking my words.

  41. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful way of remembering our grandson "Keegan" Baby Pickle 9/18/11. Not a hour goes by when we are not thinking of him and his parents and bothers & sister.Love, Nana & Grampy

  42. Thank goodness He blessed me with two good parents. :)

  43. Jeremiah 2/19/10
    Baby boy peanut 9/28/10  14wks in womb and Jeremiah's due date

  44. thank you!!!! I appreciate your heart! Grateful that you were obedient.

    My Kia Praise is forever in my heart and Jason and I sometimes talk about what she would look like, how her personality would be and we celebrate she is getting to have pure love and joy for eternity. I love that you encouraged through your story to celebrate life rather than hiding in the pain. I hope that as many see & read this they will experience open healing from their hidden pain.

    Again thank you

  45. My beautiful twin baby boys – July 18th, 2011 – passed away in my arms. Thank you for this beautiful tribute and celebration of life.

  46. "Sweetpea" 6/6/11 – We are now expecting again. I am 12 weeks along. We are thrilled and a little scared, but we are trusting the Lord. He is so good!

  47. My heart is aching reading these….

    We sure miss the thought of our Lilly….others may treat her as 'something that just happened to us..' but I'll always see you as the daughter I miss so much. Heaven became real and sweeter that day.

  48. Thank you for this tribute! Angel Eternity Stewart, 8-11-2011

  49. Thank you for this.

  50. Thank you for sharing! Baby Arnold 11/15/2006

  51. Thank you for your candor and for doing this for all of us. May God bless you!

    Kathryn Grace Russell 10/6/2011

  52. Melissa, you are an amazing woman. Thank you!
    Baby Longoria – February 2005

  53. Thank you for doing this for our babies. It means so much.

    Ophelia Maria Holtz
    September 24th, 2011

  54. Stella Rose Johnson 10/13/2005

  55. The twins- 12/13/2009

  56. Hope Elizabeth Bondick and Faith Nicole Bondick 5-10-11
    Thanks for remembering my angels
    Video is Beautiful

  57. Thank you, friend. I love you.

  58. LD Deller- born sleeping June 6, 2011.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

  59. Our first baby few knew about. Our second baby two knew about. But today…I wrote their names. I announced them to the world. Because of this blog! Because of your ministry, Melissa. Thank you for giving my heart courage.

    Abigail – Due 5/6/11
    Samuel – Due 3/2/12

  60. Everett W Gray IV -born on 06.06.2011 and lived for 6 hours.
    Thank you so much.

  61. Coli- I am so sorry for your loss. I can't wait for the day I see you with your arms full of baby. I know this day is coming and soon. you hold fast. lovelove

  62. Jayden (8/15/2011)
    That made me cry. Thank you so much! It means more than you know! I am so grateful!

  63. Amazing! You did just a beautiful job!

  64. Ella Beth 10/23/05javascript: postComment(0);

  65. Thank you! This is so beautiful! Thank you for remembering our babies!

    ~Ian Patrick April 11th, 2011- 15 weeks

  66. Holland Elizabeth 8/3/2006
    Benjamin 1/2/2009
    Thanks for this.

  67. Thank you Melissa for remembering our baby.

    The Conns

  68. Thank you for you great work. It gives me a wonderful feeling that I and everyone knows the she existed.
    Solomnity Betty Gail Robbins

  69. Alice Anne Reid, lost to heaven 2/1/1999

  70. 3 Lynnes Angels. 11/2005, 5/2006. 11/2006 Loved them from the moment I knew of them. Gone too soon but not forgotten

  71. Sophia Gabrielle Lewis (10/30/2005) Baby Lewis (2007)

  72. Bryce Logan Campbell Jan 29th, 2010

  73. Beautiful job Melissa! Thank you for sharing.

  74. Logan Mitchell 1/19/1998
    Baby Moyer 11/22/10

  75. BabyFetters April 2011
    Baby Fetters August 2011

  76. Such a beautiful tribute!!! You explained the grief of losing a child perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing and letting my baby girl be a part of this xoxox

  77. wow – how precious. We lost two babies between our second and third boys. Did you read Heaven is For Real? It was so awesome – (regarding miscarried babies) very touching. :-)

  78. I have sort of gotten to read it- (I read a bit while standing in Costco LOL) and I thought it was incredible and completely went along with what Jack Hayford says in "Ill Hold You in Heaven" when he's explaining where our babies are based purely on scripture.

  79. Zoey 7-17-08. It was beautiful.. Thank you

  80. I had a miscarriage on 9/15/11, It was a blighted ovum…we don't know if the baby would of been a boy or a girl….so i just call it Angel Baby

  81. Angel Baby 12/20/10
    Jude Thomas 05/20/2011
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  82. Jessica Moriah 2005

  83. Thank you for this- Angel baby 06/08/2010

  84. Twin Baby Boys Burge 2/27/01 (Mommie loves you!)

  85. Judah, June 2007

    Hope, September 2007

    Faith, March 2008

    Love, January 2010

    Grace, March 2011

  86. Oh this is so beautiful Melissa. My oldest walked in as I found the name of my Angel in your video and gave me the biggest hug and told me I would meet my baby in Heaven and gave me a big hug. Its so good that everyone knows its ok to speak our grief. Thank you for this!

  87. Hannah 7/14/2009
    Our Angel baby, till we meet…. – Love Mommy, Daddy, Davy, and Andi

  88. Thank you so much. I finally remembered the dates to all of our angels.
    Baby Wolfsfeld 4/26/2006
    Baby Wolfsfeld 8/12/2009
    Baby A & B Wolfsfeld 8/26/2010
    Thank you again. This has helped some of the healing that I was not able to do for my twins before receiving our wonderful little Rainbow June baby.

  89. Thank you so much for including my daughter Abrieanna LaNae Edwards in your tribute. You don't know how much it matters to me to see her name and the loss of her being honored among so many lost babies. I miss her daily and will continue to for the rest of my life.

  90. Here's to ending the silence of miscarriage!
    Baby Hope 6/22/2011

  91. There are no word to describe how thankful I am.. This was absolutely beautiful..thank you from the bottom of my heart
    Benjamin Lizarraga born sleeping 9-16-2011

  92. For infant loss remembrance day: I never met my first Niece or Nephew but God's plan was greater to bring Hannah Grace into our lives. My mom also lost a baby after I was born which told doctors about her RHneg & so my younger sister was able to be born. ow they have Hannah. I remember & send love to others whom have lost.

  93. Thank you so much for this tribute. I lost a baby, I named Scott, 9/1979. I grieved for 20 years, then finally went through recovery and a memorial, and was able to name him and heal. But I had a miscarriage, 6/1993, and a blighted ovum, 10/1994, I pushed out of my mind. It may have been because of the grief I had suffered from losing the first one. Today, I believe I cried my first tears for those lost babies during your video. I know I have time to spend with the Lord….. again, thank you so much!

  94. Thank you so much. I started to bawl when I saw my Meshach's name show up. I love him and miss him so much. Thanks sister

  95. Abigail Trinity Twa 6/1/2003 – 5/3/2004

  96. Thanks Melissa! Wow!! Heaven will be a rich place indeed!

  97. Baby June 2010
    Haven September 2010
    Nephew Jed July 2011

    Thankful for my 4 year old Justus! Children are a blessing from the Lord!

  98. Thank you! I'm almost 3 years out from my loss and this brought me to tears- happy and sad- thank you!

    Baby Yates 11/26/2008

  99. for my tiny baby Macarthur who stopped growing in october 2008 you are treasured and will always be in our hearts forever. We may never of met you but the impact you had on our lives was so great.

    Sleep peacefully

    Mummy X

  100. Baby Headrick, 3/29/2006, forever in our hearts.

  101. It warms my heart greatly to hear others have the rememberence be spoken and shared, losing my little ones through miscarriage has been so hard for me. After my last miscarriage, I found that it helps me greatly to share and talk about my loss-it's for real even when others didn't see my baby. As stated in book written by Jack Hayford-"I will hold my babies in Heaven".
    Thank you so much again for including my babies
    Baby M. Cameron (6/25/04)
    Baby M. Cameron (1/21/05)
    Baby M. Cameron (2/6/06)
    Baby M. Cameron (5/27/11-@ 3 months pregnant)
    in the Balloon Release-very special :)

    Melinda Cameron

  102. Amber Naomi Ruth Schumann

  103. I love that book! It has been so helpful!

  104. Absolutely beautiful.

    Baby Ashworth #1 October 2003
    Baby Ashworth #4 June 2011

  105. Maxwell "Max" Calvin Taylor 07/12/2010
    Thank you. This was beautiful.

  106. That was beautiful. I'm a mother to Tamara Faith, here on earth and Hailey Jasmine (7/2/2011).

  107. Thank you so much for doing this for our babies. – crdl

  108. Makes me cry. I found their names. Thank you Melissa. We love our babies and they love us so very much. I bless them and you, sweet mommy. Thank you for remembering with us…you're above rubies. Love you!!!!!!!

  109. here's our story:
    thanks for doing this. <3

  110. Moved…

  111. Thank you for including my babies in this beautiful project. I am honored.

  112. Beautiful!!
    Baby Benson 4-19-05, 3-30-10, 8-14-10

  113. Sleep Well baby M!! Love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  114. Thank you!! <3 For my Son to be in this Event with other Angels ~~Anthony 10-12-09~~

  115. It's so beautiful..

    Little angel lost Feb. 2010 and our precious baby girl Delilah Jane 6/5/2011

    Mommy and Daddy miss both of y'all so much.

  116. Baby Welsh 7/25/2011

  117. Thank you so much, this is beautiful Melissa.

    Baby 1, September 2009
    Baby 2, Febuary 2011
    Baby Girl, August 2011

  118. I too lost my rainbow, but she was beautiful and touched many lives in the short amount of time here.

    Lainey Grace born 10.29.10 at 23 weeks

    Evelyn Juliet born 08.11.11 at 31 weeks and 5 days

    I miss my sweet baby girls more that words can say. I would give anything to have them in my arms once more. I know they are playing in heaven, perfect and whole. <3

  119. This was just absolutely gorgeous, and such a loving and meaningful tribute to your sweet babies as well as all of us that have lost.
    Gabrielle Elizabeth 3/27/2011
    Ryan James 6/27/2011

    I recently started a blog about my journey through recurrent miscarriage… about the pain, the grief, and yet the beautiful things that my lost babies have taught me and continue to teach each and everyday.

  120. Thank you for this video and for sending love to my baby girl i really enjoyed seeing this and it reminds me about the first time i sent love up above to her .

    Thanks again , sorry for your loss .

  121. Thank you so much for doing all of this, the video and the balloon release. Miscarriage is a word that cuts through a fresh wound in my heart. it has almost been 2 months since my miscarriage at 10 weeks, but it is something that is still wearing me down. Watching this video made me cry, but not sad tears. It was moreso because finally there is someone who listened to me. Seeing all those names at the end, including my own Baby Fisher, made me truly realize that I am not alone. That means the world to me.

    So once again, thank you so much for doing this! You are touching many hearts and are truly a remarkable person! All my Love!

  122. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Jordan. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how devastating it is. I am so thankful that when you saw the video it brought you comfort and you don't feel so alone. SO much love ~Mel

  123. I cried reading your comment, I am so sorry for your losses, I truly can not imagine what you must be going through right now. I hope our girls are playing together in heaven- you will be in my prayers. Both for comfort as you walk through this, and that you will get your Victory baby. ~Mel

  124. Thank you for allowing me to remember your babies Amy,

  125. Love you too sweet Heather! Thank you for letting me remember your precious little ones!

  126. I am in Awww over your beautiful video.What an amazing mama u are honey.I am so very sorry for your losses.My heart is with u and all the other angel mama's.I to am a angel mama to 4 sweet angels.I lost Mark and David at 24wks4days in 1973.Then i lost my only daughter Amanda at 22wks due to a cord accident in 1976 and then lost my son Cody at 22wks.We never found a reason as to why his little heart stopped beating.That was in 1980.I am also an angel grandma of 3 too.Yes i was blessed after all my losses.With 3 wonderful loving sons.And my youngest son and his wife lost 3 sweet babies too.But was bless with a rainbow baby after there losses.God bless u for everything u have done.Again that video was so beyond words.You and your angels will forever be in my heart.Loving hugs always

  127. Your video was lovely. I thought I was past all of this until my father-in-law passed away last week, and in his passing mentioned seeing the grandbabies in heaven. I cried all over again.

    Baby Hall – July 24, 2004.

  128. Baby July 2005

    Friend of angels.
    Tall and fair, laughing eyes.
    Strong heart.
    Playful soul from my womb.
    So tiny so quiet.
    The angels came for you.
    In heaven's crib you grew,
    her breasts your sweet milk,
    her tender song your lullaby.
    Have you swum an ocean?
    Can you see the moon?
    Do you paint,
    or write or sing?
    Are your eyes of blue?
    One day I will come,
    We will kiss, touch and laugh.
    And walk a million miles,
    upon a sea of glass.

  129. Baby Simon 12/25/97
    To my first son who I can't wait to hold again!!

  130. Thank you for including my babies in your balloon release. The video is a beautiful tribute to our children and so very touching.

    In memory of:
    Baby October – 10/25/10
    Baby March – 3/13/11

  131. Hunter Wayne 10/13/2011

    At our 16 week checkup, that my husband was finally able to come to, we found out our little man didn't have a heartbeat. We delivered him at the hospital, just as we would have in March. He was perfect. We got to hold him for almost five hours, our only time with him. We miss him so much.

    Mommy, Daddy, Big Sissy and Big Brother miss you and love you little man. Play with the angels Sweetheart!

  132. Baby L 05/2003
    I've never said that before. Thank you, Melissa, for giving me a place to…

  133. Very beautifu!

    Loving you my little Auden. March 13, 2010.
    Your expected due date is coming up. You would have been one year old. Love you always. -Mommy

  134. Carly Rae still born due to umbical cord accident ~ October 20, 2007

  135. Wow Melissa, this is amazing. So powerful. So healing.

  136. Thank you, Melissa. I ddn't know until I clicked on your blog today that you had done this. Watching brought tears to my eyes. I lost my 2nd child at 9.5 weeks gestation after trying for 13 months. I named him Noah Joel although I didn't know for sure he was a boy…I had that feeling :)
    Love and hugs to you my friend. So sorry for your losses.

  137. I am so very sorry for your loss. Noah Joel is such a beautiful name for him!
    much love <3

  138. How am I just now seeing this?! Amazing! So so powerful. My eyes are filled with tears.

  139. [...] submitted by their families, you can see the photos here and the short documentary that was created here. If you would like to be kept up to date on the event please join the Facebook event HERE as we [...]

  140. [...] Over the course of a few days I asked women to submit the names/dates of children they had lost, (And yes, we honor the lives of children who were aborted, it’s not officially part Of the National Day of remembrance but here we honor life and we honor healing so we choose to include ALL babies.) then a few girlfriends and I gathered and released the balloons. On October 14th we posted the video of the release. [...]

  141. Jay-Lynn Marie Gideon 5-13-2011

  142. Thank you precious women of God!! We love you for doing this:) My baby will never be forgotten!