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Babs Coppedge

A former California girl, Babs relocated to Texas in 2006, as a single mom of two. After meeting her groom, Anthony, on eHarmony—yes, they are a true success story—they blended their families through marriage just two short months after their first date at Starbucks. Babs loves her life as a full-time wife, mom to four kids, and home school teacher; and relishes in discovering new ways to wow her family at the kitchen table through the sweet and savory. She enjoys reading a great book, blogging, sunshine, silly moments, laughter in large doses, making memories, and espresso. Believing that her relationship with Jesus is about continually growing into the woman she was created to be, she writes to inspire and encourage others who are embracing their journey too. Her motto: God writes the stories of our lives so we can share them with others.

Babs’s Favorites:

Books – Leaning towards non-fiction, she loves books that inspire her heart and encourage her to “become”. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp redefined the beauty of the written word for her. Crazy Love by Francis Chan changed her view on what love is … and isn’t. Dreams and Supernatural Encounters by Julie Meyer opened up her heart to the way God communicates with us through dreams. The Power of Your Words by Robert Morris convinced her that words really do hold the power of life and death, and Write Out Your Heart by Rebecca McClanahan inspires her to dig deeper in her love of writing. When she does read fiction, she usually turns to Karen Kingsbury for the sheer enjoyment of getting lost in a character-driven story that is well written.

Music – Whether it’s about drawing close to the heart of God, rocking out in the car with her kids, or romancing it up with her groom, music speaks to her soul like nothing else. Her iPod is filled with everything from praise and worship, to country and pop, as well as the likes of the Rat Pack era, contemporary crooners, the music of the 40’s, soundtracks and the classic rock of the 70’s.

TV – If she could only watch one channel, it would definitely be The Food Network because it speaks to her passion for learning in the kitchen … and helps keep her family’s taste buds from becoming bored. Reality shows like Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice top her list because they’re all about people pursuing their dreams and inspiring others to do the same.